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Keynote Speaking

I am available to speak on a number of topics relating to business and technology.

To book me to speak at your event, contact me directly at .

Speech Topics

Nearly Free IT

Louis' new book that teaches small business how to get $250k in tech tools for nearly free. That's Fortune 500 technology for micro business budgets.

Adapting for Tomorrow

How you prepare for the future is vital for business success.  You must prepare for what's coming if you want to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

The Cloud Paradigm

Once again the Internet has changed how we work with technology. Break out of the old paradigm and learn how to cut costs, increase efficiency and create a truly mobile business with the Cloud Paradigm.

Firm Wisdom

Learn how to harness the most undervalued asset in your company: your institutional knowledge. Harness worker wisdom and reduce training time, eliminate repetitive questions and build stronger teams.

Stop Curing Symptoms

The majority of the time, most IT workers only solve the symptoms of a problem. Because most IT workers are focused solely on equipment and software, they aren't paying attention to the business processes that are likely at the heart of the problem.

The Age of Micro Business

Technology has leveled the playing field for micro and small business. Coupled with the economic crisis, these businesses have the opportunity to carve out massive chunks of market share from the wounded industry giants.


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