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What is a Business Technology Coach?

Most small businesses are in serious need of high-caliber talent that really knows how to achieve business goals using technology. Im not talking about a system administrator or support technician.

You need someone who understands:

how your business works
how IT should work
why IT projects fail
the importance of smooth operations
how to improve your bottom line
how to get your current technology working harder
how to deliver strategic value
how to act as an agent of positive change
how to explain technology in Plain English or in Business Speak

You need strategic thinking, executive mentoring, project governance and technology coaching for your business managers and your IT staff.

Types of Technology Workers
There are countless computer workers out there. You have:

computer guys
network consultants
computer consultants
and many, many more...

At the end of it all, regardless of what they call themselves, each provides a different level of service and technical know-how.

The one thing they all have in common is they solve almost every problem by asking you to throw money at it. New computers, new servers, new expensive things no one can explain clearly!  But every time you spend money, you are cutting into profits. If you run a company, what you really need is a business technology coach to help you make the right decisions about your technology.

Most techs are only interested in fixing computers. He doesn't know anything about business and is incapable of helping you outside of a very narrow area. The computer guy is great when the printer breaks or when the computer goes haywire, but a business technology coach can offer you significantly more value.

Large corporations hire a Chief Information Officer to fulfill this role, but a small to mid-sized business may not need that degree of full time support. In these cases, a business technology coach will serve you well.  Because we focus on tech tools specifically for the small to medium-sized business, our goal is to help you achieve Fortune 500 tech with micro business budgets.

What is Business Technology?
Business Technology is any technology that serves the needs of business, including accounting, networking, warehousing and other office systems. Basically, Microsoft Office counts as business technology, the Microsoft Xbox does not.

There is a growing divide between recreational gadgets and technologies that can help your business. Business technology must add value to your company or else it's just a waste of money. Your coach will introduce you to new tools that will help make your company faster, more efficient and more profitable.

Improving the Day-to-Day
The second benefit you can derive from a business technology coach is an understanding of your business processes. No two businesses operate exactly alike. Chances are your business practices have developed organically as your company overcomes new challenges. But beware, organic business growth can be very inefficient.

I have seen cases where companies print and mail out zero dollar invoices ($0.00) simply because the system was poorly automated. This is inefficient and expensive, and can easily be remedied. A business technology coach will analyze how you work to pinpoint and correct these inefficiencies. Download a free Business Process Optimization Case Study.

A business technology coach will use his knowledge and understanding of your computer systems and business processes to assist you in building competitive advantage. According to a 2007 IBM study, a business technology coach can be vital to developing future business strategy and exploiting business opportunities.

The lonely computer geek typing away for hours without human contact is not the right choice if you want to succeed. A business technology coach has the people-skills to work with others and the advanced communication skills to act as an agent of positive change. The computer geek that speaks indecipherable Techno-Speak cannot help you succeed.

You're The Boss
A business technology coach understands that his job is to make recommendations. Remember, you are the ultimate decision maker, so your coach needs to present you with options, not ultimatums. In very rare cases there is only one course of action, but in all my years I have rarely encountered them. A business technology coach will present you with options to achieve your goals.



What Are You Waiting For?
Technology is a fact of life. From cell phones to computers, technology has become a part of our everyday lives. Just about every business uses technology in some fashion. Whether it's to improve efficiency or to develop new services, companies all over the world are harnessing technology to improve the way they do business. Don't trust your technology to someone that doesn't understand business and how you work. A business technology coach can make the difference to your success.

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